Tourism sector

With its natural beauties, excellent geographical location, rich heritage and history, gastronomy offerings, wonderful Bosnian hospitality, and its status as a still unknown tourism destination for major markets, BiH has all the prerequisites to become successful in the tourism industry. According to the World Tourism Organization, BiH is defined as one of only three tourism destinations in the world with an overall tourism market growth potential in excess of 10% annually through 2020. The most promising tourism sectors are: ski and mountain tourism, ecotourism, spa tourism, sea tourism, cultural heritage, religious tourism, as well as adventure and sport tourism.


  • Construction of new tourism resorts
  • Expansion and renovation of existing resort accommodations
       and sport facilities
  • Hotel privatization
  • Nature Park commercialization
  • Resort operators
  • Investment in tourism supporting infrastructure

Other industries

Energy sector

Wood industry

Automotive industry

Agriculture and food processing industry

Metal processing and electrical industry