Energy sector

The energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most attractive and competitive sectors in the country as it is blessed with many energy resources. This includes: hydro potential of over 4000 MW, considerable reserves of brown coal and lignite of 6 billion tons, wind energy potentials estimated at 1500 MW, bio-mass energy (including approximately 1.5 million m³ of forest/wood industry residues), and substantial geo-thermal and solar energy potential. Electricity, currently mostly produced in hydro and thermal plants, exceeds the domestic demand and is largely exported, making Bosnia and Herzegovina the top exporter in the region. Additionally, in the past three years, BiH was ranked 24th in the world with regards to electricity export.

Over 60% of Bosnia and Herzegovina wood sector production is exported, where the finished furniture is becoming more and more important export product. Currently, the largest markets for these producers are Western Europe, USA and Middle East.

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